Glass Fiber Filter Pads


Paint-Stop, high-temp filter media, glass fiber media with dust binder



Glass Fiber Pads: Glas 1” and 2”
These standard filter mats are suitable ideally for climatic and ventilation systems they consist of flexible glass fibers, which are glued together with a synthetic resin on their crosslinks. The fiber density increases towards the clean air side and ensures thus a large dust storage capability. For more efficient dust extraction the fiber are coated with a dust-adhesive agent. This dust binder is non-toxic.
Glass Fiber Pads: Glas-C
These high-quality filter mats are especially designed for strict air cleanliness requirements, e.g. as supply air filters for drying units or paint spray installations. According to the DIN 4012 this material is not flammable. The filter mat consists of the finest glass fibers, which are solidified in themselves to a fleece on the clean air side.
Glass Fiber Pads: PA
This special filter mat is used for high grade arrestance of paint mist in paint spraying cabins or paint shops. This glass fiber mat is made of a random pattern of thin glass fibers with a spring-like elasticity. The density of fibers increase progressively towards the clean air side, while the fibers becoming finer and finer within the media. Due to this specific structure a high storage capacity of paint particles is obtained in the 50 mm depth of the media. Under favourable conditions it is possible to hold more than 3500 g of paint-mist per sq.m. of filter area. The mat is not flammable as required by the DIN 4102-B1