Paint Pump

บูธพ่นสีแบบแห้ง - BB Type


No need to worry about freezing because water is not used.

・Suppression of paint mist scattering
・Suitable for use in places where drainage treatment or piping is difficult to accomplish


Newly developed V-type baffle plates (primary filter) and dedicated mounting plate offer improved maintainability.
The booth uses newly developed baffle plates and a dedicated mounting plate (patent pending for both). The number of baffle plates has been reduced to about a half, and the mounting plate is less prone to paint adhesion. These allow easy replacement of the parts.
All the models suck air from across the outlet to achieve better suction performance.
Even those models having an expanded hood with an outlet that is 0.5 m wider suck air from across the outlet, which enables them to suck air uniformly.
Large cleaning/inspection door that can be attached on either side
The booth has a cleaning/inspection door with a wider opening than that of the previous models. This gives easier access to the inside of the booth during cleaning. Fan guard set as a standard component
The booth has a fan guard set as a standard component to ensure safety during maintenance work inside.
Options added to make the booth even easier to use
In addition to the existing BBL (normal fluorescent light model), BBD (safety-enhanced explosion-proof model), BBR (rear exhaust model), and BBH (high ceiling model), a manometer (differential pressure gauge) set for easily judging when to replace the primary and secondary filters can be added to all the models.
* The main body is changed from the coated one to an uncoated one (made of aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet).
Principle of the Collection Mechanism
The V-type baffle plate serves as the primary filter that collects sprayed paint mists at the time of impact.
The V-type baffle plate has its surface specially processed to enhance collection efficiency, and its internal structure causes most of paint mists to be collected on the surface.
The secondary filter collects the remaining few paint mists that fail to be collected by the baffle plate.

BBL Models
Model with Normal Fluorescent Lights
This booth is the standard baffle booth (7 models) equipped with normal fluorescent lights.

BBD Models
Safety-Enhanced Explosion-Proof Models (with fluorescent lights)
All the electric components of the above BBL model are of the safety-enhanced explosion-proof specifications.
Note that the primary wiring and wiring for the cover switch and other components must be done by the customer (dotted lines in the figure below).

* Caution: The BB-10E model is not of the safety-enhanced explosion-proof type.
BBR Models
Rear Exhaust Models
This booth is the standard baffle booth (8 models) with a duct bent by 90 degrees for rear side exhaust. The exhaust duct can be laid straight to the rear.

BBH Models
High Ceiling Models
This booth is the standard baffle booth (7 models) with its hood located 500 mm higher. The exhaust fan is of the standard specifications.

Manometer (Filter Differential Pressure Gauge) Set

A manometer (filter differential pressure gauge) for measuring the filter differential pressure can be attached to all of the standard and optional models. Since the manometer has a pointer, you can identify when to replace the filter at a glance by setting the relevant value on the pointer.
Notes on the Use of the Baffle Booth

< Types of Paint That Should Not Be Used >
Some types of paint may ignite spontaneously when their paint mists adhere to and accumulate on the filter, baffle plate, etc. Do not use these types of paint for the baffle booth.
Oil-based paint using boiled oil or linseed oil as solvent
Oxidized polymer paint
Paint with a mixture of hardener, promoter, etc.
Fast-drying phthalate paint
Paint containing styrene to promote the drying process
Other types of paint that may ignite spontaneously
If you remove baffle plates smeared with such paint and leave them piled up, the paint may ignite spontaneously. Submerge the plates in water immediately, and scrap them as industrial waste.
< Baffle Plate Compatibility >
The conventional baffle plates (those bent in the form of the letter U for use) cannot be mounted in the BB-E baffle booth.
The new baffle plates (V-type baffle plates for the BB-E baffle booth) can also be mounted in the conventional baffle booths (BB-D, etc.). For information about the mounting method, see the package of the V-type baffle plates.