Gas- and molecular filtration

Carbon Cartridge AKP 26


Cartridge filter for multiple adsorption- and chemisobtion tasks.



• AK
• CH
• EX
• ≤ 65°

These activated carbon cartridges serve as adsorbent for gaseous pollutions and odours. They may be installed at the clean air or the exhaust air side of a system. A simple modular construction allows the assembly of a larger filtration unit by screwing the cartridges onto a base.
If necessary, impure gas can be adsorbed through various filtering stages, which contain a required kind of impregnated carbon.
Cartridges filled with standard carbon are suitable for environments with up to 50 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 70 percent.
Activated carbon is sensible to dust. Therefore it is advised to install a high-quality dust filter
as a pre-filtration element. For the use in ventilation systems the contact duration of carbon and airflow should take between 0.1 till 5 seconds.