Bag Filter

Range of application

• Standard filter for all HVAC uses.
• Pre-filter for higher filter classes (i.e. HEPA Filters, Carbon filters)
• supply and exhaust air filtration up to a particle size of 0,4 µm
• 100% glass fiber free filters
• Ideally fitted for compliance to VDI 60200
• Optional: filter with antistatic filter media
• Optional: Biostatic treatment available for Pak 65, Pak 88 and Pak 95

Bag filters consists of finest synthetic fiber media, which are sewn to wedge-shaped filter bags. The front frameworks is made either from galvanized steel sheet, steady aluminum or plastic U-shaped profile. The single pockets are surely fixed and sealed with a corrosion resistant plastic sealing in the framework. These bag filters can be used in standard filter systems from various manufacturers. Due to our large variety of manufacturing capabilities we are able to supply any of these bag filters in special sizes for special orders.
All bag filters can be manufactured in 100% incinerable version when desired. The filter bags of the Bag filters use spacers to ensure an even air circulation in the filter, so that the bags will load with dust in the entire depth. Another point are the long service lives in result as well as small energy costs.
Another option we offer for all bag filters is a seamless foam rubber gasket on the supporting frame. Filters with this option have the advantage that old existing seals fitted to the channeling do not need to be replaced.

Bag Filter Product List