High Efficiency Particle Filtration: EPA / HEPA / ULPA

Mikro SFV and Mikro RFV


EPA and HEPA filter with maximum filter surface for highest airflow / lowest pressure drop.



• E10-E12
• H13-H14
• ≤ 65°
Mikro SFV may be used as primary or main filter in environments requiring large or fluctuating air flow rates as well as low pressure differences. Its elements are made up of pleated micro fiber glass media and are equipped with thermoplastic separators. Single filter packages are fitted into the frames in a V-shaped manner, in order to obtain maximal filter surface which may handle higher flow rates at the lowest possible pressure differences. Mikro SFV may be installed into environments that need sterile clean air. They offer various options for the usage in industrial and technical processes. If ordered with a plastic frame this product is metal free and thus can be completely incinerated.
This filter type might optionally be fitted with special heat resistant thermoplastic spacers for temperature ranges of up to 120°C. Such filters are marked with the model name Mikro SFV-T.