High Efficiency Particle Filtration: EPA / HEPA / ULPA

Mikro SF and Mikro RF


EPA / HEPA for multiple clean and sterile air purposes



• E10-E12
• H13-H14
• ≤ 65°
Mikro SF is the filter of choice for removal of particulate air impurities and can be titled as a true “workhorse” absolute filter. Mikro SF are used in versatile applications such as sterile- and clean rooms as well as in processes within industrial and technical environments.
They safely filter suspended matter such as viruses, germs, toxic dusts, etc. Typical fields of application are among others within medical areas that are rated DIN 1946, within operating rooms, intensive care, laboratories as well as precision engineering or oil fog and smoke filtration.
Due to their pleated design and thermoplastic separators, the filter have an effectively larger filtration surface than HEPA filters with aluminum spacers. They can be manufactured completely free of metal and thus are completely combustible to ease problematic filtrate disposal.
The filters can be installed for air purification supply as well as for exhaust air filtration.
Numerous options allow the filter to be adapted to suit the special requirements of diverse processes and operating environments. This filter type might optionally be fitted with special heat resistant thermoplastic spacers for temperature ranges of up to 120°C. Such filters are referred to with the product name Mikro SF-T.