Compact Filter

Makro FV


High air flow compact filter for fine dust filtration



• M5-M6
• F7-F9
• ≤ 380°
This durable fine dust filter is suitable as pre- or main-filtration element in systems where relatively high volumes as well as variable airflows are typical. Areas of use include pre-filtration of airborne particles, as filter for industrial or food processing, in hospitals or any other high-flow application.
Due to our flexible manufacturing process we can fit the filter into mounting frames by all major brands.
The media is laid in narrow pleats, and fixed evenly by thermoplastic spacers. Single filter packages are placed into the mounting frame forming a V-shape. This design allows maximum filter surface within comparably small filters.
Various customized specifications are possible. This filter type might optionally be fitted with special heat resistant thermoplastic spacers for temperature ranges of up to 120°C. Such filters are marked with the model name Makro FV-T. Datasheet