Filtermedia for fine dusts


Filtermedia for fine dust filtration. Supplied as Rolls and Pad's.



These Synthetic fiber pads are very efficient for the filtration of fine dust. Due to the thinness of the fiber and the layered design, the mats E / 360, A / 500 und A / 560G reach the optimum efficiency even with particles approaching submicron dimensions.
The fleeces consist of synthetic-organic, non-breakable polyester fibers that are 0,9 – 4 [μm] in diameter.
They may be installed into HVACs and process ventilation systems as well as ceiling fans and cabinets for machines.
The design consists of randomly arranged synthetic fibers. Its density increases progressively towards the clean air side of the media. This specific structure of non-coated filtration mats ensures a high dust holding capacity with low pressure differences.
Due to their composition as well as their usage in the hygienic area the media is not re-usable.
Standard roll dimensions are 20 x 20 m and cut pads can be supplied as required.