Compact Filter



Space-saving compact filter for pre- and main filtration for HVAC and ventilation tasks.



• M5-M6
• F7-F9
• ≤ 65°
Slim and environmentally friendly design for high efficiency
Airflow volumes up to 3600 [m³/h] with only 100 [mm] or 150 [mm]depth required.
This production line serves as pre- or main-filter for fi ne dust in air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The filter can be installed where pocket or compact filters won’t fit due to space limitations. Also ECO Pak offer a much higher initial efficiency (up to +25%) than common bag filters.
Thermoplastic threads are used as spacers between the densely packed media folds to achieve even spacing. The frames are made from polystyrene. Therefore the filter can be completely incinerated, it is easy to dispose and corrosion free.
The ruggedized design guarantees a high stability and durability. The media is water-resistant, and may thus be employed with highly humid airstreams – a temporarily pressure rise is typical. With a decreasing humidity level the resistance will also decline.
Optionally the filter can be fitted with fully synthetic filter media, offering even more stability and moisture inertness. ECO Pak can be installed on the clean air side or the internal side. Because of their reduced installation depth ECO Pak are ideal space-savers in particular within newly assembled units.