Bag Filter

Bag Filter Pak25, Pak 35 (coarse dust)


Coarse and medium dust filters for pre- and main filtration.



• G1-G4
• M5-M6
• EX
• ≤ 65°
These bag filters have been proven to be efficient as pre-filters within HVACs and other ventilation systems. Spacers between individual bags ensure an even airflow throughout the filter, which allows dust loading and even distribution. This results in a long service life of the filter and reduces energy costs. The efficiency stays constant even with varying airflows. Also, the bags are intrinsically stiff while being exposed to the airstream.
In order to guarantee a proper stability even with over-size filters, the front framework is being reinforced by angle bars. Customers may choose from front frames constructed of 25 [mm] thick galvanized sheet steel or plastic as well as 20 [mm] thick aluminum or plastic profiles.
The ones with plastic frames can be completely incinerated, which makes disposal easier. All products meet the hygienic requirements according to VDI 6022.