Bag Filter

AirSynErgy: Energy Saving Filter


Energy saving filter - offers longer service intervals with lower pressure drop. Saves up to 30% of your energy costs.



AirSynErgy bag filters offers a unique fully synthetic filter media with a special waveform structure allowing virtually the double filter surface with the same construction dimensions as usual bag filters.
Due to be increased inner surface the pressure drop of AirSynErgy filters is up to 30% lower in comparison to standard bag filters. The added surface also offers a dramatically increased dust holding capacity which increases the filters service time 30 - 60%.
AirSynErgy only relies on mechanical filter effects and thereby fulfills the requirements of EN 779:2012.
AirSynErgy serves as ultra-high capacity pre-filters for following filter stages or as premium class main filters i.e. for fi ne dust filtration in comfort air HVAC or areas with high demands for air hygiene such as food production plants. AirSynErgy also serves process air systems i.e. for combustion engines or sensitive machinery.

Easy to notice: The cross section illustrates that the waved structure offers a much larger filtration surface in the same dimensions as usual flat media

As can be seen here, the elongated version of the waved media is twice as large as the common non-waved version. This lowers the pressure drop for filters and gives the user the maximum dust holding capacity.
The filter media of the AirSynErgy series consists only of fully synthetic materials. The fibers are flexible and break-proved so a displeasing fiber shedding as seen with glass fiber bag filters while unpacking and handling is absolutely impossible.
All standard sizes are fitted with air aerodynamically shaped entry guides to optimize the energy efficiency.