High Efficiency Particle Filtration: EPA / HEPA / ULPA

Range of application

• Filtration of separate airborne particles or particular air impurities down to 0,1 µm (i.e. viruses, germs, toxic dusts)
• Resistant up to 250 °C
• Clean room filtration
• Process air
• Operation room ceilings
• Laboratories, clean work benches
• For supply and exhaust air
Particulate Filter Cells Type Mikro-S are HEPA / ULPA filters, these filters are installed where the maximum of air cleanliness is demanded. This particulate filter is needed on the air intake side for the separation of suspended matters e.g. viruses, germs, toxic types of dust, aerosols etc. It is used e.g. in the medical area according to DIN 1946, in areas like operation rooms, intensive care units, laboratories, and in the precision technique, thus always where germ or dust free air is essential. Mikro-S filters are also installed on the exhaust air side if pathogen, toxic or radioactive particles must be removed from the exhaust air.
Mikro-S-Filters are available in different versions, whereby the filter media us always high-quality high efficiency and super homogeneous glass fiber paper with different degrees of separation.
The paper is pleated and provided either with aluminum or thermoplastic separators. This arrangement of pleated fiber medium is absolutely leak free connected to the frame of the cell with an elastic non-porous grouting compound.
A higher filter surface is achieved by a special folding and the use of thermoplastic spacers than with conventional HEPA-Filters; thus there are larger flow rates with the same pressure loss and the same flow rates. The difference of pressure will be smaller at the same flow rate. Those filters have a smaller weight than those with spacers made of aluminum, which facilitates the handling enormously.

High Efficiency Particle Filtration: EPA / HEPA / ULPA Product List