Filerhousings, mounting frames and duct channel housings

Range of application

• Systems for exhaust and supply air
• Clean room air supply and pre-filtration
• Filtration of toxic and/or pathogen particles in the exhaust air.
• Save-Change Units
• EX-protection
• etc.
• U.V.M.
Filter systems, -housings, - side panels for air-conditioning and ventilations systems (in-out and circulating) to be used with filter matting, metal filters, filter modules, filter cells in cardboard frames, compact filters, dust and coal filters.
According to our customers’ needs and specifications we also manufacture and supply:
• Safety and weather grills and/or lids, where required special adaptors and/or adaptor channels, flanges to join or connect to your existing systems and sizes in round or square shapes.
• Air conditioning or air ducting accessories to be used in your systems.
• Filter systems with intake or extractor fans - all units can be manufactured to standard or special (made to fit) sizes.
According to our customers’ needs, requirements or specifications we use the
following raw materials:
• Galvanized sheeting
• Spray painted steel sheeting
• Stainless steel

Particle- and gas filtration system for safety relevant applications.
We also specialize in conceptualized filter systems for nuclear, pharmaceutical and other specialized applications at high quality standards. Any of these systems can be adapted to your special requirements. With nuclear applications, among other systems, there are also "hot cells" in use. We can also provide the following documents on request:
• Technical design specifications and documents
• Technical drawings
• Pre-test documents, quality and revision documents.
In our basic range of products we also offer mobile filter units. These units are mostly used in applications, where quick and efficient filter ability is required in temporary locations, like refurbishing jobs or disaster recovery emergency support.

Filerhousings, mounting frames and duct channel housings Product List